Monday, 11 February 2013

Embarkation - Disney Fantasy

We went at the beginning of December, and the Christmas decorations were already up.  The terminal looked quite festive.

Disney Cruise Line always announces you to a round of applause when boarding. It does seem to set the tone. The ship itself is beautiful.
 And also decorated for the holidays. We did a bit of a wander around to get our bearings.

 The weather wasn't the best, but the sky showed some promise.
 The stairwell art was wonderful.
 At sail away we were accompanied by a squadron of pelicans and a pod of dolphins. Sadly, I am not quick enough to capture the dolphins on camera. But it really set the tone.

As did dinner, when we met the best tablemates we have ever had. We had dinner in the Royal Palace. I found the theme to lack pizzazz, but the food was really good. As was the welcome aboard show.

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