Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Kenya 2016 - Part 2 : Safari Park Hotel Nairobi

At Jomo Kenyatta, once we got through the interminable wait for our electronic visas (seriously, all but one of the agents supposed to be handling this were calling people over for the shorter "Buy your visa now" line) and picked up our luggage,  TWGH and I were met by a local fixer who took us to meet our driver. This also took a while because of the security inspection going into the airport.

Our Chariot Awaits

The room got a bit cold at night, but the water was nice and hot, and the after-flight shower felt wonderful. 

We checked out one of the restaurants, since I hadn't been feeling well on the plane, and was now starving. The food was good, but the portions were huge.

We Agreed to Meet at the Elephant in the morning

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