Thursday, 28 March 2013

Castaway Cay

The Sea approaching Castaway Cay

It was a beautiful day as we approached Castaway Cay.  The sea was beautiful and calm.    I tried not to let the lack of chop disturb me. We had had some lovely rough seas on the way out, but we had left them far behind. We were really enjoying our veranda this morning.  

All Dressed up for the Holidays

Castaway Cay was decorated for the holidays, which we had not seen before. There was something very cheerful about it. 

Another Shot from Our Balcony

It didn't take long to clear the ship. Our plan for today included trying a couple of new things. But first, we had to get off the ship. 

The Stern of the Ship

I love the little details on Disney ships, but with the Fantasy it is a long walk. 

Action Shot

We usually end up with a few shots taking pictures of each other. It is a bit of a trek to the beach, but we preferred to walk out.

Family Beach

Ever mindful of the Bahamian sun and the amount of sand tourists can kick up, we decided to go snorkelling first. The gear hut guy was really sweet and lent us fins for free. You have to wear a snorkel vest, which they provide at no charge, but you don't have to inflate it. 

Snorkel Bay

We have done the snorkelling here, but this is the first time I haven't been stung. I did see a jellyfish, though. 

Under the Sea

Sea Level View of the Fantasy

I really liked this view of the ship. We were pretty much at the back of the snorkel lagoon.  

A Bit Reedy in Spots

They Put Things Down there for the Sea Life to Grow Around

I Found this Funny

The showers after, so we could wash off the salt, were bracing, to say the least. After this, we rented bicycles, which was a first for us on Castaway Cay. I really liked the bike. It was very comfortable. 

Bicycle Trail

The bicycle trail is scenic, and not particularly taxing. Once we finished our ride, we headed over to Serenity Bay, which was also a first. There is a greater variety of food here than at the regular buffet. The line was long, though.  

Adults' Barbecue

The beach is a little quieter than the family beach, but still quite crowded. 

Serenity Bay

The water seemed colder on this side of the island, so I didn't get in. We relaxed with some BEvERages, and headed back to the ship. 

Waiting for the Tram back to the Ship

One Last Look Before we Board

It was a nice day, but there was a tinge of sadness because we knew we were heading home tomorrow. 

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