Monday, 4 March 2013

Disney Fantasy - San Juan

This is the third time we have been to San Juan, and the second time we toured San Cristobal. We had signed up for the Bacardi and City Tour.  The first stop was to see the statues of presidents who had visited Puerto Rico. San Cristobal was second.

San Cristobal offers many views of the city.
It is a very interesting fort with a lot of history, and much to see. It is also a stair climber's paradise. :)
You can see quite far away
After we finished re-acquainting ourselves with the fort, we got back on the bus and the driver gave us a rather good guided tour of the old city and on into the new city.
On the way, we saw beautiful beaches.
There was a combination of wild beauty and intensive industrialization. One of the sadder things was the abundance of garbage on the side of the highway. But we didn't see this for long, and soon we were approaching the windmills of the Bacardi distillery.
On the tour, they tell you what the bat device means.
They tell you about the bat device, and they lead you through a bit of a museum, but you don't get to see the actual distillery. They also don't allow pictures in the museum.
Bacardi has lovely grounds
They do allow you two drink tickets each, though, which you can spend before or after the tour to sample the various types and flavours of the Bacardi brand. You can also purchase mojitos. And, of course, there is a gift shop where you can buy all the product and merch you can imagine.
More lovely San Juan
On the way back we saw a little more of Old San Juan, and finished up near the port. We went and had lunch at a place with good, if pricey, food (mofongo), but a terrible hostess. After that, the sky began to darken, as is the tradition, so we headed back to the ship.

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