Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 3 - To Samburu

We were up before dawn to get organized. The camp's animals were on the job, and I had a cat in my lap through breakfast, which was delicious, if rushed. One of the camp dogs, had a different notion of hospitality, and christened our luggage.  One should probably be vigilant...

Then, we were on the road for seven hours to get to the Samburu. We stopped once for the necessaries, and were subjected to a bit of a hard sell, but nothing like we have seen.

That said, when stopped at a public road block, we were swarmed by vendors, and adopted the principle that one should never leave the windows open when the truck is not in motion, and on a street

The Samburu Reserve is an amazing plateau full of all sorts of animals, including some fairly unique to the reserve, including Grevy's zebras.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with cool moist towels, and asked to sit. We were brought fruit juice, and filled out our check in forms on the sofa.

The tent is bigger than most hotel rooms we have stayed in. It is luxurious, features a veranda overlooking the reserve. As we were arriving at our tent, some vervet monkeys decided to have an "interlude" on the lawn. No, there are no pictures of that.

The camp is gorgeous. And the food is very good. After a delicious lunch, we had some leisure time to relax before the evening game drive.

 There are lots of animals in the Samburu reserve. We especially enjoyed the lions and baboons.

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