Monday, 29 July 2013

Kenya Day 7 - to the Maasai Mara

The ride through the Mara to get to the Ashnil Mara is as bumpy as I have experienced. This made for a good deal of discomfort for poor Andrew.  However, he was rewarded with his first good glimpse of vultures.

The welcome ceremony at the Ashnil Mara was nice, and we enjoyed the hot wet towels very much after the dusty trail.  Our tent, it turned out, was attached to the tent of our tour-mate, forming a sort of suite, with a full tent with ensuite bath, balcony and main room for us, the same for Erin, and a connecting bedroom in the middle. It was a shame the balcony view was only of the foliage in front of the tent, it was nicely appointed.

The room  was spacious, with a full length mirror and a four poster bed.  I would like to add that it was also a shame that our room was again at the outer reaches of the camp; a good ten minutes from the main area of the camp.

After we got settled in, we enjoyed a buffet lunch. Our seating overlooked a river filled with hippos and crocodiles. We enjoyed this very much, including the hippo song.

After that, it was off down the path for a game drive. As always, the animals were plenty, and we got to see another of Andrew's favourites.

The evening buffet again saw us overlooking the hippos in the river. We were a little disappointed because there was no African food available this night.

After dinner, though, the lounge was very enjoyable, as we sat within view of the river, under the stars, enjoying a frosty beverage while a Maasai Warrior tended the fire.

And so... to bed.

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