Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kenya Day 6 - to Lake Nakuru

After a delicious breakfast at the Sweetwater Tented Camp, we headed through the Kenyan countryside to reach Lake Nakuru by lunch. Normally, Lake Nakuru is a saltwater lake noted for its millions of flamingos, but an excessive amount of rain has raised the water level, and made the water too fresh for the flamingos to enjoy. So we have something rare: pictures of a flamingo-less Lake Nakuru.

At the entrance to the park, we got a good view of the flooded lake, and then we headed to the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge. This was the only non-"tent" we would stay in for the length of our safari. It also had the nicest lounge, and live music, but more about that later.

The game drive allowed us to complete our "Big 5" with the sighting of a leopard. We also saw some precious baboon families and a number of other animals.

After the game drive, we had a fantastic dinner, with a strolling minstrel, and then went to see the dance exhibition. It was very interesting. Finished that, we went to the lounge. I should note, at this point it was chilly and pouring rain. They brought braziers inside, so we could be warm, and the minstrel arrived, so we also had live entertainment. For the only time in Kenya, we closed the bar. Then returned to our room where turndown service had provided us with lovely hot water bottles again. Presumably, they take the place of central heating in the places we were staying.

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