Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kenya Day 8 - the Maasai Mara

We were given the option of doing an all day game drive today, but were told that those are more useful during the great migration. Instead we elected for a morning and evening game drive.  So, after enjoying our breakfast with hippos, we headed out.

As you can see, the morning game drive was wildly successful. Lunch was delicious, and again we were watching the hippos as we ate.

We had a lovely relaxing afternoon, enjoying a frosty beverage, and an even frostier swim (the pool was very cold, I only managed 1 lap). Then we left on our evening game drive. I had been looking forward to this, since we would be going along the river, and getting to see some more hippos.

Us at a lookout spot

The sun sets high in the sky

The dinner menu tonight was African dishes, and we enjoyed it very much. After dinner there was the fire pit again, and a slideshow given by the Maasai warrior, telling us about his culture.

After this, it was time to return to the room to pack and go to bed. But, one last picture before we go.

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