Thursday, 29 August 2013

2013 Girls' Weekend - Part II

Day 2's port of call was Nassau, but we didn't get there until noon, so the morning seemed to call for a leisurely breakfast, and visit to the Solarium. We did find the Wind Jammer was hideously crowded, in spite of the on-deck barbecue (huge lines). I mentioned later to our head waiter that a sit-down option would be nice. He said there would be one the next day (we were on Coco Cay then).

Nassau is not my favourite port of call, and I didn't really care if we got off the ship or not, but the others were game, and it never hurts to get the value for those port fees. We did stumble into the really loud section, though. There was some sort of parade going on for the candidates for Miss Nassau, and they seemed to feel victory would go to the loudest. But, just up the street from Senor Frog's, we found a lovely little bar that I would recommend to anyone. They even had free wifi.

I had underpacked, and Amary was looking for souvenirs for the grandkids, so we went into a few stores, but it wasn't long before we were back to the ship.

We had a bit of a rest, and then began to get ready for formal night. Disclaimer: I love formal night, I even bought a new gown recently for this and my upcoming cruise on the Freedom of the Seas.

After the Captain's reception, we went to the Schooner Bar again for the piano player, and had a hoot. Then off to the room, a little earlier for me, and a change into something less... elegant.

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