Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Kenya Day 9 Part II - The Maasai Village and the Great Rift Valley

We had the usual stop at the Reserve gate, where insistent vendors tried to get us to open the windows of the truck so they could give us the hard sell. We are sympathetic, but it makes me very uncomfortable, and I knew we were on our way to the village where we would be spending the last of our schillings anyway.

The village was a little different than the Samburu one, with the houses a little more luxurious, and the warriors a little more colourful. After the greeting dances, we were given the tour, shown the fire making demonstration, and introduced to the chief, who was 97 years old.

After this, the women sang for us and we were escorted through the market. I would like to say that the way they handle their "selling to North Americans" is very well done. I never felt pressured, and so was at ease to spend as much as I wanted.

We said our good-byes and headed back on to the road. Lunch this time would be a picnic provided by the hotel. We stopped at a very nice gift shop with a dining area and friendly dogs. The souvenirs in this place made me want to come back as a billionaire. I could have beautifully decorated a very large mansion in that place.

They also had the toilets we are used to, but I thought this was an interesting glimpse into why the guide insisted we couldn't just stop anywhere.

After as much of the lunch as we and the dogs could manage, we were out on the open road again. The scenery was, as always, breathtaking, and some of the views as we passed the Great Rift Valley were staggering. We even stopped at a lookout point for a rest and picture break.

This little fellow is a hyrax

And we were on our way again, heading towards Nairobi, Paris, and, eventually, home.

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