Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Kenya Day 9 Part III and Day 10 - The Voyage Home

It was with much sadness and traffic congestion that we entered Nairobi. We were going home, and we were going to miss the beauty of Kenya, and the fantastic coffee. But first, we were scheduled to have dinner at a restaurant specialising in Kenyan cuisine - Amaica.

Us with our guide extraordinaire John

Our happy band of intrepid explorers

Dinner was very good

We can't seem to go anywhere without getting a food boob

Would recommend

After we finished dinner, we headed to the airport. Interesting system they have: you go through security with your luggage, and then check in for your flight. Then you do another security (liquids ban) before going into the lounge to wait for your flight. There are no liquids over 3 ounces allowed in this area, so it is a bit thirsty. Pro-tip: they will announce boarding when they actually mean access to this lounge. Don't hurry. Wait until the boarding time on your ticket. Have a Tusker. Have two. Mmmmm.... Tusker.

Our flight was delayed for three hours, so we really got a good look at this lounge. It was overcrowded, and very noisy since a lot of people did not seem to feel constrained to use their indoor voices. It was often very hard to hear announcements regarding our flight status.

We mostly slept on the flight, and arrived in Charles Degaulle with 5 hours to kill. Part of this was spent going through security (!? - we had just gotten off a plane), where we saw them confiscate people's water bottles and duty free. We then had to find out where are flight home was, and take a shuttle to the correct terminal (at no time leaving the secure area). We were then funnelled through a Duty Free shop (hmmmmm), before arriving in the gate area.

We still had several hours to kill, and I wanted to try the caviar restaurant in the terminal. My mom had kindly given me some Euros to this end. We found the prices inflated and the service appalling, although the caviar and smoked salmon were nice. Andrew's continental breakfast was absurdly expensive and the server threw (literally) his croissant onto his plate as an afterthought.

This is what 39 Euros buys you

13 Euros
We went to a little bar after this to get drinks. Again, the service was off. I do apologize if I got a word wrong, but at least I was trying to speak the language, and it was still comprehensible. But the server was very rude and a simple rum and juice was 15 Euros.

There was, however, one bright spot. The little bakery with the counter service. The drinks were reasonably priced, and the service was friendly. And she didn't make fun of my Canadian high school French.

It was a relief to get on the Air France flight back to Toronto. The service there was friendly and impeccable, and the food was excellent. Did I mention the bread?

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