Sunday, 5 May 2013

Liverpool - Day 2 The World's Greatest Husband's Birthday

The day was sunny, so we started off with a walk to the Albert Dock, to take in the museums and look around.  All the museums are free to enter, although they do take donations. The Maritime Museum also encompasses the Slavery Museum and a special Titanic exhibit. There's a lot going on.
We started with the Slavery Museum. It was very thought-provoking and disturbing.
The Maritime exhibits were interesting, as well. This was actually a figurehead from a ship.
This is the ship's registration for the Titanic. There was something very sad about this exhibit.

Time for a birthday pub-crawl come sight-seeing tour. There is no shortage of fine pubs in Liverpool.
Before we knew it, it was time to catch the train under the Mersey to meet up with our friends in Bromborough.  They were taking us out for dinner for Andrew's birthday.
Kev, Lisa and Charlie: Wonderful people, and so photogenic.

Dinner was in a lovely South African restaurant, with our friends and Lisa's sister and her partner. Everything was delicious. At the end, Andrew was asked if he wanted to do the birthday challenge. He was supposed to drain a shot of sambucca without using his hands or spilling any. Since he did not quite succeed, he had to sing a song and eat a cricket.

After an excellent day, there was nothing left to do but thank our hosts most effusively, and head back to the hotel for a nightcap and bed.

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