Thursday, 23 May 2013

Liverpool Day 7 & 8 - Our Last Full Day and Home

We had promised to thank our genial hosts by making one of my specialities for them: gumbo. So, off to the store, and then dash to the stove!

On the way to the store. It was a lovely, warm morning.

Gumbo made with indigenous ingredients

I know what it looks like, actually I was covering a cough.
Our friends seemed to enjoy the gumbo. They had classes in the afternoon/evening, and we didn't want to interfere with their schedule, so we determined that the better part of valour was to head off across the river again.

This was the first time we had experienced a train delay. It wasn't bad.

It was warm in here.

This lovely gentleman was strumming his racket along with his sound system. Fun.

The World's Greatest Husband at Olive
 We wandered around a bit. Got some badly needed souvenirs, and ended up having dinner at Olive. Olive was fantastic. The food was delicious (especially the duck) and the service was warm and friendly. Overall, the price was good, as well.

More Architecture

Detail from a building.
 We weren't late back, since it was a school night and we had to leave early in the morning to catch our plane home.

I just loved the graphic for this. We should have this sign.

Lisa looking both gorgeous and professional.

I am still not sure what an airport ass is.
Lisa's Dad kindly drove us to the airport, and had us riveted with his stories. We were sad to arrive as quickly as we did, truth to tell. 

A quick shout-out to Air Transat: the service was great, and their Option Plus amenities are good value for money.

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