Friday, 3 May 2013

Liverpool - Flight and Day 1 (Monday)

 We flew Air Transat, Club Class, which would have been great except for the guy at the gate in the airport who sat near us and would not cover his frakking mouth when he coughed, and the women who could not stop coughing to the point they had to find a doctor on board (yes! they really do that). In case you're wondering, the doctor and his travelling companion were permitted to stay in Club Class with all the perqs therein as a reward.

 While we enjoyed the wider seats, perhaps because of the medical emergency, we found the service coming back under Option Plus to be much better. Also, we had chosen the bigger seats because we were flying over night on the way and wanted to be able to sleep, so there may have been a lot of service we did not see.

Arrival and clearing customs in Manchester was simple. Once we got our luggage we went out and met the ride our friends had so thoughtfully arranged.

Dear Dos Equis,

  We have met the most interesting man in the world, and he is not the one from your advertisements. In fact, he lives in Birkenhead, England, and is the father of a good friend.


 We had not gotten much sleep and were very happy to get to our hotel: the Radisson Blu. It is a very nice hotel convenient to the water and several fine tourist attractions.

We wanted to sleep, but were too excited, so we went for a walk instead.

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