Sunday, 12 May 2013

LiverPool Days 4 & 5 - Sick Day and York

We had been on the plane with some obviously ill people who did not believe in covering their mouths when they coughed. We tried valiantly to stave it off, but we both ended up sick, so Thursday, our transfer day from Radisson to Kev & Lisa's, we were definitely under the weather.
We stumbled out of the hotel in search of medicaments and a fortifying breakfast. We ended up getting meds at Boots, and breakfast at a charming place called Toff's Cafe. The food was good, the orange juice vitamin C-full, and the coffee hot and tasty. The server was a lovely woman, who gave friendly efficient service. We would have breakfast here again.

Kev and Lisa were so sweet about us being sick.  We had offered to extend our hotel stay, but they wouldn't hear of it, so we just had a quiet day at there place. I do not include pictures of their neighbourhood to protect their privacy, but it is very nice.

I can not say enough nice things about how gracious our hosts were. We felt very welcomed, and enjoyed their company very much, and they never made us feel like we were inconvenient, although I am sure we are not the easiest people to host.

After our quiet day trying to recover, we got up early the next morning because we were doing our day trip to York. As an initial observation, it was very interesting to me how very different Liverpool and York are.  Completely different vibes. Of course, in spite of its grand old architecture, Liverpool seems very modern, and the past seems to be York's stock in trade. Both are very uniquely enjoyable.

The bus trip made several stops through Liverpool and its environs, picking up passengers, so we did get to see more of the city.

Once we left Liverpool, we ascended into the Pennines, and through some pretty serious fog. About 45 minutes out of York, the bus driver stopped at a Service Centre, so we could get a snack and stretch our legs. This was welcome, and I enjoyed coffee and more orange juice.

The gate we entered the town through. York was a walled city.

Apparently, Guy Fawkes was born here. In 1570.

I just loved this Father Christmas. This was in a Christmas/toy shoppe.

We really enjoyed the vibe in York and had a great time walking through the old town, and the areas referred to as the Shambles, and Little Shambles. There was one street Lisa and Charlie quite accurately dubbed "Diagon Alley".

The York Dungeon is apparently one of a chain of live theatre/interactive "museums". I can't explain it any better than that, but it is awesome. Andrew was called up to help the black death nurse because he had "something of the Reaper" about him. And his tattoo wasn't even showing. Friend Lisa was caged with a tongueless man for being "sick and twisted". And I was brought up on witchcraft charges. Naturally, I pled insanity, and had to dance to prove my point. I shall have to remember that for the next time I am on trial...

One of the "scenes" in the dungeon was about a pub/tavern called the Golden Fleece. Got to love Lisa, she knew that it still existed and where it was.  So, that was where we had lunch. They claim to be haunted, but the only spirits I found were of the rum variety. And the food is terrific. They do have friendly skeletons and death masks, though. Definitely a don't miss. After that, a bit more shopping, and then...

We did get to see a bit more of the landscape on the way home. Lisa had to get Charlie to bed, but she recommended Andrew and I go here:
The Spice Garden. Wonderful Indian food. A very nice finish to the day.

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