Sunday, 19 May 2013

Liverpool Day 6 - A Trip on The Ferry

Saturday, we started with a ferry ride across the Mersey to Liverpool.

At the Station

The Mersey

Waiting to Board

River View

On the Ferry

What a Lovely Boat

Once we arrived in town, we took a walk and headed towards St. George's Hall, to have a look around.

I just loved the name of this restaurant.

More Architecture

Still more buildings.

In Gaol

Definitely hardened criminals. ;-)

A bit of landscaping

Judge Lisa

Justice must be served

Judge's "Bench"

This room was huge. A random gentleman standing next to us explained that his parents used to tell him this was where they hanged people
I forget the name of this pub, but this was their idea of a Caesar salad. I think this was some kind of tourist prank.

Very Windy on Deck

Two Awesome People

The World's Greatest Husband and Me. We were at this amazing Greek Restaurant.

The Swinging Arm in Birkenhead

After a few beverages, we went home to bed, since it was late. The next day would be our last full day in England.

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